Yes, we have a new name and a new logo, but are still here to provide our members (around 300) with 10 lectures per year, included in the price of your membership fee, which fill our heads, ears and eyes with fascinating facts on a range of art-related topics, all of which are outlined in this year’s programme. We offer 2 visits per year, at reasonable costs and 2 interesting and unusual study days, including refreshments and lunch at the Tarporley Community Centre, which is our usual “home”. These too are for a reasonable price. The monthly lectures last around an hour and coffee is available beforehand, from 12.30pm on the second Thursday from September to June – apart from when there’s a general election!

I’m Jill Walton and have been your chairman now for 18 months. I hope to be able to carry on doing this until the AGM in June 2018, when I plan to resign, so eyes peeled for your next chairman!

Although our new name and logo have been agreed, there is still much work to be done to make the best use of all the tools that are, or will be, available from The Arts Society itself (formerly NADFAS), which will improve our presentation in leaflets, tickets and a new website, within the Arts Society’s website. All this will take some time and not a little effort to get to grips with, so your committee will be working even harder over the coming year to produce the best image of our Society that we can.

Many of you will remember the time when we had a long waiting list of would-be members, beating a path to our door. This is no longer the case, but that makes us no different from almost all other societies, up and down the country. The opportunities for filling our leisure time have grown rapidly and we now compete with other societies, organisations, groups and demanding grandchildren who all want a slice of our time. We therefore need to urge you to encourage more people to come and join us, so why not invite friends, neighbours, family to come along and try a lecture for just £6 and see if we offer something of which they would like to be a part. A visit or membership can be arranged by contacting Di Lloyd, Membership Secretary at membership@taddfas.org.uk or Freda Markham at flmarkham@hotmail.com

Most years, two committee members leave the committee, having made their very valid contributions to the running of the Society. This means that we need at least two new committee members per year, and sometimes more, depending on any special events, so if you have some time to give and would like to help with day-to-day organisation, please do let me, or any other members of the committee know because you will be most welcome. Alternatively, why not just come to the committee and join us for a morning to find out what we do? Your Society needs you!

Best wishes,

Jill Walton

Chairman, The Arts Society Tarporley


Venue - Tarporley Community Centre, High Street, Tarporley CW6 0AY. Limited parking is available at the rear or in the High Street. There is access for the disabled.

Monthly lectures - second Thursday of the month, with tea/coffee from 12.30 to 1.10pm for a prompt start at 1.30pm. The cost of these is covered by your membership fee. No meetings in July or August.

Study Days - we have two of these per year, at the community centre, including lunch, offering two or three lecture sessions, sometimes with artefacts or a "show and tell" session, depending on the topic or the lecturer. These are limited in number, are usually for members only and are for a fee.

Visits - again, we organise two of these per year, mostly travelling by coach, sometimes for the day or for two nights or more with overnight stays at hotels. We visit houses, gardens, galleries and museums and sometimes venture abroad. Visits are also for limited numbers and prove to be very popular. A fee is charged for these, of course.

There is currently no waiting list for membership, so why not join us today?

Please continue to check our website for the most up to date information on lectures, outings and study days, as any changes to the programme will be noted here - particularly if they have to be made at short notice.

The Arts Society’s GOLDEN 50TH ANNIVERSARY IN 2018

Our parent organisation The NADFAS/The Arts Society was formed in 1968 and so has a golden anniversary on the horizon. This may seem a long way away, but plans are already being made to celebrate this in all sorts of ways in societies up and down the country.

We are therefore looking for active and willing members to join forces in a sub-group to pull ideas together and get planning underway. We have already approached a number of neighbouring societies to establish if they would like to work with us in planning something a little bigger, which may be easier to sustain, if we are part of a larger group.

So the committee is asking members to offer to join the sub-group, to suggest exciting ideas for a celebration, and then to plan them. If you have a little time, ideas and enthusiasm please do contact any member of the committee and join the sub-group.

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